Useful Gadgets On Amazon Worth Splurging On

If you’ve been following me on my journey so far you’ll know that I advocate of spending money on things you really love. It’s a tough deal to deny yourself all the things that you really want throughout your life. Man doesn’t live on water and bread only. Rather than buying mediocre nonsense across the board, figure out what you really can’t live without, then get it. If it’s painful to live without it, then go get it. For those folk who get what I’m saying, I’m not advocating purchasing a used Ferrari on a credit card on a $56k salary. Your splurge shouldn’t bankrupt you, or even hurt your financial position. If a splurge bankrupts you, then it’s not a splurge, it’s a suicide. No suicides please. 

And so today, I’ve put together a list of gadgets that are useful and that you can splurge on. No dumb trinkets that you use for two days and forget about. The word “gadget” usually implies a useless device that is sensational and not useful. But not today…today we are going for the useful stuff that can actually improve the quality of your life.

True Wireless Ear Buds (Earphones But Without Wires)

I think we are at a point in time in technology where we don’t have to put up with wires anymore. We’ve been tangled up in wires for the last 3 decades which started out with the walkman. Those days are long gone. It’s time to move to a slightly more refined way of living. Say no to cords and go wireless! Grab a wireless bluetooth connected ear bud. Once you try them it’s really hard to go back to the caveman days.

The Tranya T2  is the choice that I made for myself. It was like $40 and does the job just fine. You can use the earbud to control volume, skip songs and movies, activate Google Assistant etc. I also found out they were durable the hard way. I left them in my sweater pockets and sent them for a wash. Then to add insult to injury, I put it in intense heat in the dryer. Also, coincidentally while at the gym, I was walking up the stairs when the right ear piece popped off and went crashing 10 feet below to the bottom story. Still working like a champ and I recommend them.

Here are a few other options that aren’t crazy expensive but offer good value.






For the most discerning and demanding customer there are premium options available like the WF-1000XM3 and Apple’s AirPods. The Sony will also offer noise cancelling functionality. But why spend 3x when you can get most of the benefit for 40% of the price? Save a few bucks and splurge on something else.

Tile Mate (Locate Your Lost Belongings With Your Phone)

Everyday, I spend a cumulative of 10 minutes searching for my TV remote, wallet, my watch, my keys and my phone. It’s gotten to a point where it’s driving me crazy. I know I should be more mindful of where I put stuff. But that’s where the Tile Mate helps out so much. It helps you locate your items.

AnkerPower Core (A Portable Battery To Charge Your Phone)

I don’t know what kept me so long from purchasing one of these. Again, my wife was ahead of the game and got to this before I could. It turned out to be an amazing buy when traveling, especially international trips. We could charge our phones up to 5 or 6 times without having to worry about finding a charging outlet in a random city. Here is the 10,000 miliAmp and the more powerful 20,000 miliAmp.

Samsung Micro SDXC (Give Your Phone More Storage When You Are Running Low)

One of the biggest issues I’ve had is to constantly dump all the photos off my phone to my laptop to free up memory. Or, if I am going on a long trip, I’m careful on how many pictures and videos I take for the fear of running out of space and being stranded. Call it storage anxiety. I solved this anxiety by just getting a micro storage card. It’s tons of extra space whenever you want it. You can get a card with 32G, 63GB, 128G, 256G, 512G. 

Amazon Echo Dot-3rd Gen (An Assistant To Help You Out)

I picked up an Echo Dot (3rd Gen) and I’m finding it more and more useful as I interact with the device over long periods of time You can ask it a variety of commands and questions:

Alexa, what is the Stock Price of Facebook?

Alexa, what will the weather be like tomorrow?

Alexa, read me the news headlines for today.

Alexa, play me a lullaby.

Alexa, can you set the temperature to 70 degrees?

Alexa, how many teaspoons are in a cup?

Alexa, please set a timer for 10 minutes.

Alexa, set my alarm for 6 am tomorrow.

Alexa, give me some ideas for breakfast.

Alexa, please call my phone.

You get the idea, this hockey puck looking device is getting super useful.

Yootech Wireless Phone Charger (Charge Your Phone Wirelessly)

Using a wireless charger is a quick way of charging your phone. You don’t have to fiddle with the wire to connect it. Just drop it on the charger and it starts charging. I usually use the Yootech Wireless Charger at night before heading to bed. It’s charge is on the slow side, but you don’t have to fiddle with cords and aligning the plug with the socket at night. 

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Powerful Speakers That are Controlled By Your Phone)

These bluetooth speakers provide a lot of sound power and can be used outside at the beach, at a park, at a picnic, or when your simply in your backyard entertaining and BBQ’ing. I also use these to listen to podcasts when I’m taking a shower. Super useful. Here are the most promising brands that give the most value.

Anker Bluetooth speaker

Ultimate Ears Boom 3



SmartWatch (A Phone On Your Wrist, Almost)

Hardware devices are progressing as time passes. Technologically we are moving forward. We’ve gone from the PC to laptops to tablets to smartphones to wearables. Wearables undoubtedly is the future. I believe within the next 20 years we will be wearing glasses that act as an unifying device. Everything will be overlayed over your real vision. The device will become us. Augmented reality at its best.

Smartwatches are a step in this direction. When it comes to smartwatches, I don’t settle on the cheapest model, I would personally go for the best. As an android user the Galaxy gets my choice.

Samsung Galaxy SmartWatch

Apple Watch Series 3

Google Wifi Wall Mount-3 Pack (Increase Your Wifi Power Around The House)This is a great device to get strong wifi around your house. Just plug these puck looking devices into an outlet around your house and you should be covered by an invisible mesh of connectivity. No messy wires sticking behind your wifi hardware. It’s clean and simple. Check it out here.

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