The Ultimate Financial eBook (2020 Edition)

Bay Area Guy Readers,

For 2020 we have completely revised our financial eBook. This financial ebook is one of the most informative and concise documents that can be found on the internet today. It’s purpose is to help people get their financial life on track for 2020.

We Cover An Incredible Amount of Information In This eBook:

  1. The Psychology Behind Money
  2. Making A Budget
  3. Automating Your Bills
  4. Online Savings Accounts
  5. Credit Score & Credit Report
  6. Negotiating Fees With Banks
  7. Redeeming Credit Card Rewards
  8. Introduction To Investing In The Stock Market
  9. Mutual Funds vs ETF
  10. Target Date Funds
  11. Best Index Funds For 2020
  12. Best Individual Stocks For 2020
  13. Portfolio Allocation
  14. Choosing An Online Brokerage
  15. Buying A Home vs. Renting A Home
  16. Financing or Leasing A Car
  17. Retirement Planning

This isn’t a traditional 300 page book with crazy graphs and complicated nonsense. It’s been distilled down to only what you need to know to make things right in your financial life.

Click on the link below to get a closer look to see what this eBook is about.

The Ultimate Financial eBook

Bay Area Guy

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