Tips On How To Save Money Booking Flights

So you want to travel without reducing down your net worth to zero. Worry not, I’ve got some good tips to help you see some beautiful cities around the world without having to go bust. Let’s take a look into the details:

  1. Clean Your History: Before searching for flights, delete your browser history and go into incognito mode. This doesn’t ensure cheaper flights, but is definitely a best practice. Sometimes sites can catch on to repetitive searches and boost your price.
  2. Sign up for AirFareWatchDog
    • Set price alerts from one city to another so you can get automated emails
    • Get a list of the cheapest flights from your city to global destinations
    • Look at a compilation of the cheapest 50 random destinations
  3. Sign up for The Flight Deal
    • Check out the cheapest flight to random destinations from your city
  4. Use ITA Matrix as a planning guideline to find the cheapest days to travel on (you won’t be able to purchase from here though)
  5. Use Google Flights to show you prices of destinations for certain dates around the world, all conveniently plotted on a map. Also track flights to your destination and get notifications.
  6. Book Off Season And In Advance:This is probably the most important advice. I can’t tell you how many insane deals I have booked by traveling off peak. For example, don’t visit England in July, go during Fall/Winter to get massive discounts. Europe can be more than 50% off September to May. Making your reservations late can cost you a lot of money, so don’t blow your savings because of your procrastination!
  7. Search One Leg At A Time: Don’t book multi city vacations all in one shot. Break down the legs to get the cheapest flights. It’s a tedious way to go about air fare hacking, but a great way to save.
  8. Get Your Timings Right: Don’t try to depart or arrive on a Fri, Sat, Sun or Mon as they are usually more expensive. Also, early morning flights and late night flights will be the cheapest.
  9. 24 Hour Rule: You have 24 hours to cancel your ticket after purchase. So if you find an awesome deal, grab it. You can always get a refund if you find something even cheaper.
  10. Try Other Airports: This is going to be inconvenient but you can travel to smaller airports that are further from the main city. A major city may have nearby airports outside the main city. They are usually cheaper. Run multiple searches to do comparisons. Always check how far your airport is on the map and if there is easy public transport.