15 Interesting Facts About The Bay Area And Silicon Valley

The Bay Area is a supreme place to live. At least it was back in the 80s and 90s. Things have changed now. If you are new to the area or just curious about what this place is all about, Read On:

  1. Three major events helped to bring the bay area to a critical mass: The Gold Rush of 1849, the founding of Stanford and Berkeley, and the installation of military bases.
  2. Before Silicon Valley was founded, the bay area was known for fruit orchards and massive fruit canneries.
  3. The “greater” Bay Area refers to 9 counties and over 3 dozen cities with a population of 8 million people collectively.
  4. Silicon Valley gets its name from Silicon, a naturally occurring element from which computer chips are made.
  5. Silicon Valley geographically refers to the city of San Jose and bordering towns like Santa Clara and Sunnyvale where many high tech firms are located.
  6. San Jose is the unofficial capital of Silicon Valley although SF has more startups.
  7. The first tech company in Silicon Valley was Shockley Semiconductor founded in 1956.
  8. According to Angel.Co, there are appx 18,000 startups listed in San Francisco. South Bay has almost twice the number of startups as San Francisco does at 32,000.
  9. The median annual income of a person working in Santa Clara County is $100K.
  10. The median price of a home in Santa Clara County is around $1.1 Million.
  11. A normal 2 bedroom apartment in Santa Clara County will cost around $2,400/month.
  12. Bay Area weather is perhaps the most perfect. Daytime weather is usually crisp and nights are cool. We don’t get snow. Actually, we barely get any seasons.
  13. Most of the Bay Area, with the exception of SF, is extremely suburban in nature. Think plazas, Safeways, and Boba Tea shops all interlinked with one another.
  14. The City attracts mostly a younger, single crowd as its denizens. Most of these people hang out here in the weekends as the South Bay is virtually devoid of night life.
  15. SF to its residents is known as “The City”.
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