How To Network in 2019

I’ll be straight up honest. Networking usually doesn’t work. Think about all the times you networked and all the awkward and forced conversations you had. How many of these networks worked out for you? Rarely, if any. The most difficult type of networking is when you need a job. You are desperate, but you are forced to go out and show your best even when you are at your lowest.

  1. Get Out Of The Networking Mindset. Stop being a salesperson. Stop pitching. Stop asking. Strive to meet many people, and keep attending events. Always make sincere conversations and don’t be overly focused on adding people to your network list. Focus on having a good conversation. Things will evolve naturally.
  2. Map Out Your Closest Friends And Colleagues. This is your core group. They will help you much more than a random LinkedIn contact. You know these people well and they know you. Be good to these people. Very good. They will listen to you.
  3. Be Clear On What You Want. Yes, I told you not to pitch. But if someone asks, you have to have an answer. Develop a clear and succinct pitch to the question “What do you do?” or “What are you looking for?”
  4. Ask What They Want. You are not the only one who needs a job, sale or a customer. Other people attend events for the same reason as you. Try to gauge what they are looking for and try to set them up with a contact they may need. Guarantee they will remember you next time ‘round.
  5. Do Not Be Dismissive. Status, title, wealth. Some people have it, most people don’t. It doesn’t matter. Enter relationships with a clean heart.
  6. Build Your Network Before You Need It. Network building is a long term play. You need to gently plant the seed before anything grows.
  7. Follow Through. If you promised to connect someone to another person, you better do it. Don’t break your promises. The only thing that matters is your reputation. Keep that intact.  

Remember, networking is a long term play. Keep conversations genuine and authentic. Also keep in touch when you don’t need anything.

7 Realistic Ways To Boost Your Income Every Month

By now you are probably starting to get the point that reaching financial freedom by cutting back on latte’s and movie tickets is imaginary.  In this article what I really want to focus on is how you can make extra money and supplement your day time income.

There’s a hundred ways to make a few bucks on the side with odds and ends types of jobs. But I wanted to create a simple list on sensible ways you can add an income stream to your day job. Let’s look at a few different ways you can do this:

1. Consulting & Coaching

  • If you truly are good at a specific skill then you probably want to engage in side consulting. You can bill at a tremendously high rate. If you are specialized in: finance, accounting, auditing, taxes, SOX, personal development, organizational efficiency, change management, product management, project management, UX design, graphics, coding or whatever, then you can create a massive income for yourself. If you still need more ideas check out the categories at Upwork.

2. Blogging

  • There are generally 4 ways to monetize a blog: Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, selling advertising space to a sponsor, and selling digital/physical goods. This is a long term business and driving traffic to your product is the hardest part. This isn’t a get rich scheme. It’s a long term, elaborate play.

    You shouldn’t start a blog strictly to make money. Churning out captivating content is back breaking work, and if the passion isn’t there, you’ll just end up with a broken back. Pick a topic you know very well or at least have a ton of passion about, then create content and drive people to the source of that awesome content. Remember, writing content is just half the story, you need to drive traffic which is a separate skill set.

3. Selling Digital Downloadable Goods

  • Creating a specialized course to sell online is an insanely great way to make passive income. You can launch it on Udemy and split profits with them, or create your own website and market it through there. You can also use to create awesome course content.

4. Tutoring

  • Tutoring is a strong way to make side money. STEM tutoring in particular can bill at a really high rate:  programming languages, physics, calculus etc. You can also bill at a high rate if you know a specific tool or software like Excel, SAP, or Oracle. It basically comes down to specialized knowledge of a subject or a tool.

5. AirBnB

  • Depending on your situation this can be easy money sitting on the table. It has the potential to give you the most return for the least amount of work. If you have the tolerance to keep a stranger in your home this is an amazing way to make a buck. Your specific neighborhood, size of your home and quality of your home will determine how much you can charge Sign up to become a host on AirBnB.

6. Uber/Lyft

  • If you are free in the evenings or the weekends you can make more than a few bucks driving people around. Here are the requirements you need to meet before driving for UBER. UBER drivers usually net somewhere between $10/hour and $30/hour. It’s a big range, yes, but a ton of factors influence the rate like location, time of the day, neighborhood, holidays etc. Generally speaking the more you drive the more you will make per hour.

7. Run Errands

  • You can earn a few bucks doing errands for people on this site. Mount a TV, make a bookshelf, put together furniture, move heavy items and a myriad of different things. It’s a decent thing to do on the side or if you are jobless. It’s great for students, and it’s great for a part time gig. That’s about it. Check out TaskRabbit.


So that’s it folks, these are a mix of things you can do to bring in a side income. Don’t just dabble in it. Own it.