Conveniences Worth Spending Money On

As we age we have more money and our savings account gets a bit more padded. But age also brings a certain level of jadedness and reduced patience in all of us. We’ve had the time to make plenty of mistakes, so we know what we really like or hate. The point that I really want to get across is that convenience has a cost that can absolutely be worth it. You just have to spend money on the things you really like, and forget the rest. Sounds familiar? Focused spending is what we need to do. Splurge on the stuff that you truly love and cut back on all the other junk. Let’s take a look at some things that might be worth spending money on.

Rideshare Services 

If you live in a metropolis, then using Uber and Lyft can be insanely useful. Just imagine all the benefits you get by getting someone else to drive. Avoid the stresses of driving, the frustrations of finding parking, the risk of getting parking tickets, the pain in stopping to pump gas. All of these are bad stressors. Instead, you can press one button on your phone and hail a driver to do the dirty work. It makes so much sense. 

For example, I have to sometimes pick up my wife from the train station during rush hour. Most of the time I do. But for those days that are hard, I just have her Lyft it. Just a few added bucks and that saves me a round trip ticket to the train station during rush hour. I used to land at SFO and bug my sister to come get me. Poor form, I should have taken a Lyft/Uber. Today, that’s exactly what I do. $10 gets me to her house so she doesn’t have to leave hers. As I get older and as life has its ways of getting more complicated, I just want something that can simplify it. You can save a few more bucks if you want to share your ride with other riders. The choice is yours.

Food Delivery

Spending money on apps that deliver food to your door is a new thing for me. And boy do I love using it when I really need it. My wife, being the proactive type, introduced me to the insane convenience of Postmates, Grubhub, UberEats, Doordash and the ilk. I remember one day I told her that I was craving a banana split as I lazily sat and watched a movie on the couch. I didn’t want to take out half an hour of my evening, walk down three flights of stairs and drive 3 miles to Baskin Robbins. So I passed on it. Twenty minutes later I get a random knock on my door. My wife covertly answers it, and accepts a vague brown bag from the delivery man. She magically pulls out a banana split and displays it with a “Tada!”. She had used technological trickery for this amazing convenience. Yes, this Banana Split cost me $14, but I got something that I wanted super badly without exerting any effort. It was 100% worth it.

Grocery delivery apps is another convenience to make your schedule less hectic. Uber has now gotten into the business of delivering food. Check out their Uber Eats Delivery Card. No hassle driving to the store, going up and down food aisles on an easter egg hunt, getting in the checkout line and then hauling yourself back home. Surely there is a cost to expending all that energy. At the minimum, it may make sense to deliver your cyclical purchases like milk, butter, eggs, bread and sugar. 

Subscription Services

Netflix gives us hundreds of movies, shows and documentaries at our disposal. To anyone who watches more than an hour a week, this is an awesome subscription. Sign up, and get access to a universe full of content. Check out the Netflix Gift Card here. If you prefer watching the latest shows right now this minute, then Hulu is an alternative. Check out the Hulu Gift Card.

But maybe you have a 90 minute commute each way. If so, why not join Scribd so you can listen to audiobooks on a variety of topics to learn and kill your commute at the same time. Just $9/month gives you access to a myriad of books. Remember, you can read books using Scribd too, not just audio books.

Texture was an amazing app for people who loved reading a variety of magazines but who didn’t want to manually subscribe to each one. A mobile app that allowed you to subscribe to multiple magazines all from one platform. My wife was crazy about this service until Apple acquired it.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a subscription service by Amazon that gives you free shipping and access to free movies, photo storage and music. It helps in getting your products from Amazon faster to your door. Take a look at the full list of perks here.

Non Stop Flights

As a dedicated flight hacker, I try to save on the airplane tickets first as they are usually the biggest or second biggest expense. My tactics involve flying in the off season (remember my $400 round trip to London in Feb?), choosing less busy days like Tuesday/Wednesday, leaving at odd hours (early, red eye), and making the additional stop.

But as I get older, and generally speaking less patient, I just want to get to my destination without the fuss. No crazy restrictions or extra stops. Gone are the days of going for the absolute cheapest prices. What’s important to me now is the duration of the entire trip, how many stops I have, and good take off times. I never book anything with two stops anymore. It is unbelievably tiring especially when you are coming back home. It saps my soul. Non-stop flights gives you back the most precious commodity: Time.

Premium Credit Cards

In my eBook, I talk about the benefits of using Premium Credit Cards. I literally couldn’t imagine my life without my premium credit card. This is a big one for me. Because of my 750 credit score, I was approved for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card. This card was the first one to give out an amazing 100,000 bonus points. With the Bonus points, I traveled with my wife from SFO to Europe for free. I even had enough points left over to travel to the east coast. When’s the last time you got anything for free, let alone thousands of dollars worth of flights? Another perk that I can’t live without are the airport lounges. Just a couple of days ago I was leaving SFO. We were hungry so we accessed the Priority Pass lounge in Terminal 3. We had access to two restaurants. We got $28/person allowance. I ordered $56 worth of food…for free. I think you are beginning to understand. My only fee is the $150/month annual membership fee. It’s a no brainer.

Think of something that could make your life convenient. Spending on it may be one of the best things you ever did.

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